Commercial Solar

Build Your Profit

Depending on the business, energy costs can be one of your biggest expenses. A Business relies substantially on the electricity grid to power machinery, lighting and equipment. Our Commercial Solar leasing option allows you to solar power your business for $0 upfront and get immediate cost benefit.

How Much Money Will My Business Save On Electricity Bills With Solar Power?

It’s hard to determine the average Australian business’s power consumption due to differences in nature of all businesses. The size solar system your business chooses will depend on if you want to partially offset your energy consumption or completely offset your business’s electricity use.

Strengthen Your Brand

It’s important for your business to have a solid brand identity. A brand can establish opportunities, gain attention, nurture relationships and ultimately help ensure long-term survival. Ultimately installing solar power will help with money, the environment and your reputation.

Look Good For Your Customers

Consumers are demanding greater diligence from the businesses and organisations they trade with and are ultimately voting with their wallets. Powering your business with solar is one way to reduce your energy use and your carbon footprint. Consumers are looking for these Qualities in their suppliers when they shop.

How Much Power Do Solar Panels Generate?

The table below shows the average daily solar energy production of some common commercial grid-connected systems throughout Australia.

Average Daily Solar Energy Production

System Daily Output* (per KW/day) Estimated Yearly Output^
10kW 48kWh 17520kWh
15kW 72kWh 26280kWh
20kW 96kWh 35040kWh
30kW 145kWh 52925kWh
40kW 193kWh 70445kWh
50kW 242kWh 88330kWh

*Daily estimates calculated with long term solar radiation for Sydney from the “Australian Solar Radiation Data Handbook”. ^Yearly output based on 365 days of Daily Output.


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